A Breath of Fresh Air - Welcome to Flora

Nestled in a new neighborhood under construction adjacent to the vibrant Florentine, Flora brings
a rare gift to Tel Aviv - a green residential oasis.

Walking through Flora's lush gardens and tree-lined paths,
you'll discover a cleaner, greener, and more serene way of life.

The City’s
New Green Lung

Adjacent to Flora sprawls Park HaHorshot, 80-dunams of grassy knolls and wildflower meadows providing a much-needed green lung for the city. Take a meditative stroll or let the kids run free - this urban escape reconnects residents to nature.

A Growing Community

Developers chose to partner with the VENN community platform to nurture neighborhood bonds from day one. Through get-togethers, activities, and an online hub, VENN helps Flora residents plant roots and grow a thriving, tight-knit community.

In Tune with Nature's Rhythms

Park HaHorshot offers plenty of ways to soak up nature, from shaded play areas to a botanical garden brimming with native plants. Mornings fill with birdsong, while evenings settle into peaceful stillness. Flora invites you to sync up with nature's soothing rhythms.

An Urban Oasis to Call Home

The Flora residential development, built by Carasso and Shitrit Holdings together with VENN,
is the first development to be built in a neighborhood primed to be Tel Aviv’s new pearl.
Comprised of four sleek 8-story buildings with a mix of apartments, Flora's residences balance modern convenience with natural tranquility.
Step out each day to blue skies, lush parks, and friendly neighbors - this is urban living reimagined.

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Apartment plans
and main specifications:


2 Rooms
2.5 Rooms
3 Rooms
3.5 Rooms
4 Rooms
5 Rooms
Mini penthouse

We’re on the Map

Strategically located near Kiryat Shalom and Florentine, Flora places residents within reach of both vibrant city life as well as quiet, green spaces.

Enjoy easy access to the Green Line railway and major roads, whether heading downtown or further afield.


Development Companies

Carasso is a real estate development company operating since 1933, considered among the oldest and most experienced in the Israeli economy. The company has left its mark on hundreds of projects, inter alia residential, commercial, offices and high-tech. In recent years, the company has been investing its resources in developing, planning and erecting a variety of advanced projects reflecting an aspired and contemporary lifestyle, providing exceptional living experiences based on comprehensive cultural research, a deep understanding of the target audiences and close attention to their fixed and dynamic needs.

Shitrit Holdings operates at the forefront of the real estate industry in Israel and abroad. The group conducts various lateral activities within the Israel real estate market: Residential and commercial project initiation, development, marketing and management as well as yielding real estate activities in Israel and abroad.

VENN creates a sense of belonging among the people residing in their homes and neighborhoods. The VENN platform combines innovative technology with a professional community management team that is present at the project, helps create connections and encourages residents to be active in building the neighborhood and their living experience.

September 19th, 2022

Flora: the new neighborhood
of Tel Aviv

The Flora project in Tel Aviv is the first swallow for the new neighborhood of Tel Aviv in Kiryat Shalom and offers a community living experience between green spaces and vibrant urbanity.

On the seam between Kiryat Shalom and the Shapira neighborhood, a new and intriguing neighborhood is about to be built, a new and quiet center in the city - and everyone who passes through Tel Aviv recently understands how vital silence is in it, on its stormy sidewalks and its crowded roads. The area - which has been undergoing substantial changes recently and is attracting a new population and young families - is about to gain innovation and growth in the form of a new and pastoral neighborhood.

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July 16th, 2023

New Tel Aviv Neighborhood Under Development

The "Flora" complex, developed by the Carasso, VENN, and Shitrit holding companies, is located at the heart of this new community, construction of which has begun in recent days. Situated in the northern part of the Kiryat Shalom neighborhood near HaHorshot Park, it will include a unique residential complex within a quiet area featuring green spaces and rich community life while still accessible to the city's constant urban amenities. Residents of the complex will be able to connect to the existing neighborhood and feel part of it from their first day through the VENN neighborhood platform. This platform combines innovative technology and professional community management to enable the creation of meaningful human connections.

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August 3rd, 2023

A kibbutz in the heart of the city:
the new green project
in south Tel Aviv

As part of the Flora project managed by the Carasso real estate company, a neighborhood with 800 housing units is expected to be built, which may affect the entire environment. Erez Cohen, real estate appraiser: "Proximity to the light rail significantly affects the value of the apartments." The Venn system will be used in the neighborhood to connect the tenants with the developing community.

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